Carpet Cleaning


A professional carpet cleaning services you're looking for. Our trained carpet technicians deliver satisfaction, guaranteed. We use technological advanced and safe cleaning products & tools to disinfect and remove some of the toughest stain and odor from your carpets and sofas.

We expertise in some of this stain removers:

  • pet stains

  • drink stains

  • ​vomit stains

  • food stains

  • oil stains

Professionally carpet cleaning at home or office starts with choosing a commercial cleaning service company.Sall offers commercial carpet and upholstery cleaning. Contact neighbors for recommendations for commercial or house carpet cleaning service companies that they have used and found favorable. Some people in your family may have allergic reactions to solvents used for cleaning carpets with the dry method. At Sall Cleaning Service, Inc. we use allergy free cleaning products to clean your commercial and house carpet.

For an office perspective is, it's best to clean your carpet on a regular basis. Sall Cleaning Services, Inc. has all the necessary equipment to clean office carpet easily – even when it comes to getting out stubborn stains. Carpets that receive a lot of wear, such as office carpets, require a thorough and daily vacuuming to prevent dirt and soil from becoming ground into the carpet fibers. That's why Sall carpet cleaning technicians are trained to do the job

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Areas we services are: New York City, Manhattan, Bronx, NY. Brooklyn, NY. Queens, NY.