Green Building

Our Green Cleaning Approach

We use biodegradable or less aggressive cleaning products to ensure your safety, we do that by using the right portion to reduce the toxic substances releasing in the air.

Sall Cleaning Service is committed to keeping the environments in which our clients work and live as clean and environmentally friendly as possible. Carpets also can harbor fumes from dyes and other processing. We can offer businesses a great green cleaning, including a green carpet cleaning-effective even in high-traffic areas.

Eco Friendly Cleaning

​The decision to adopt more healthy and eco-friendly cleaning products is a reflection of your values. ​

Creating a green, healthy workplace means putting you and your employees or families well being first.​

​Using a non-toxic eco-friendly cleaning products can make a small but powerful change, that result in a big difference in the health of your environment and the world around us.

living green, reduces our negative impact on the planet as a whole.


Perchloroethylene which has been linked to liver disease, kidney disease and reproductive disorders. It’s used by 85% of the cleaning industry. however to assure a safety and healthy free environment Sall Cleaning Services has not use products that contains Perchloroethylene that are harmful to the health of living human beings.

Gallons upon gallons of these toxic chemicals soak are infused into the environment that we live in.The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) found that levels of toxic cleaning chemicals remain in the air as long as one week.


At Sall we use only non-toxic biodegradable products to clean your commercial or office buildings. These products are good and healthy for your surroundings, good for us and good for the environment.

**Please note that we do not carry products from one brand only- we try and test products from other brands and buy what is available from our supplier.

We are testing to using Ultimate Cloth and studies shows that those clothes are fantastic for best mirror and glass cleaners results. This results are done without having to spray anything. Just water. Great material. Truly eco-friendly family.

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