Janitorial Services

 Janitorial Services in New York​

Sall Cleaning Services janitorial Service is one of our Top expertise service. We offer a broad variety of janitorial services for New York City businesses, major companies and premises of all sizes. While working with Sall Cleaning Services you get the chance to choose a customize janitorial cleaning package that meets your needs and standard at your own conveniences. Our Janitorial Services is an organized cleaning packaged and arranged for you before or after your operating hours. 

 What our Janitorial Services packages includes:

  •  Empty all trash 
  •  Clean and sanitize restroom.
  •  Dust and polish furniture.
  •  Dust window blinds and seals.
  •  Vacuum all carpet area and spot clean as required.
  •  Sweep and Mop.
  •  Cleaning handrail 
  •  Clean entrance door and glass
  •  Clean Kitchen and Break Room fixtures.
  •  High dusting

Our Janitorial Service cleaning professionals are trained and certified.

No janitorial work are too big or too small for Sall Cleaning Services. We are proud to offer our janitorial services for all New York City major businesses and companies with our customize and with our flexible contract options, you can customize your janitorial services business with us based on the needs and comfortability of your business.

For More information about our Janitorial Services please request a quote estimate.

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